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It is time for you to understand your greatness and the power you possess! If you are ready to receive spiritual guidance on how to heal within your soul and transform your life & relationships then my "Hour of Power" is the right starting place for you!

One Time Investment: $97

One time investment is only $97

About the "Hour of Power"

This is a one time, 1-on-1 coaching session with Pastor Dee hosted virtually online.

During your session they will coach you for one hour in the area of your life that you need spiritual insight and development.

Be prepared for Dee to hear your heart in a safe space and quiet environment as you receive the tools, guidance, and strategies you need to transform your life & relationships.

What People Are Saying

Thank You Pastor Dee for a Phenomenal session this morning! It was thought provoking and you challenged me as a woman to be honest and transparent. I am excited about the program and look forward to progressing on my journey with you and my sisters as we become the Dunamis Women we were destined to be. I am forever grateful!

Thank you! Since our call my eyes have been open. It’s like the covering has been unveiled. All I have been doing is religion because that’s all I knew. Pastor Dee I thank God for you and The Dunamis power to restore and bring healing. You have given me hope that I can truly be THE Woman that God intended for me to Be! I am here to do the work. I have learned so much about myself and my issues!

Thanks so much Mama Dee, 

I can see a movement in my life happening and I do believe it is because of your teachings and guidance. I told you how my husband is reading the Bible with me daily. He has the nerve to text me from work and reminds me what chapter we are on 😂. Yassssssss I love it! Also my daughters 32 and 16, sons 25 and 23 have joined us in our daily reading. They see THE MAN reading and they want in lol. What can the devil do with a whole family that's seeking God but flee!!!

I will try not to watch our sessions too much, but it is so powerful and guess what I’m about to watch it again!

About the Coach

Pastor Dee Collins is the Founder and CEO of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC where she guides women of faith through Kingdom teaching & coaching on how to heal within their soul and transform their life & relationships through the power of God while becoming a prayer warrior!  Pastor Dee utilizes a blend of her spiritual wisdom, biblical background, life experiences, and clinical psychology to coach women and men through her Understanding Your Greatness Coaching (UYGC) Program. She guides her clients on “how to” apply key spiritual strategies & principles to their life in order to bring about the change they desire. A true servant leader at heart, Dee has availed her life as a spiritual mother to many as she implements her life slogan, “I live to teach…and I teach to live!” Most of her clients compare her to the young version of Mother Clara from the hit movie War Room as she teaches women how to activate the dunamis power of God through prayer & spiritual warfare to bring about a miraculous change within the earth.

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